teachings of Jesus

teachings of Jesus

Most of us, regardless of our beliefs, either pray for other people or, as some say, send good vibes other people’s way. This can be when someone is ill, when they are facing tough times or an important decision, or if we just have someone’s general well being in mind. By doing this we are practicing the Golden Rule, showing God, the Universe. or whatever you call it, that we really do love and care for other people. After all, this is the number one reason we are here anyway. So just how do we pray for others?

Jesus taught the importance of faith and believing when we pray. Time and time again in the New Testament, he correctly taught that if we believe our prayer is already answered, our prayer will be answered, especially when we pray unselfishly. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or whatever, it’s the same God, the same Power at work when we pray. So, we pray believing.

Think about it. Let’s say a family member or friend is seriously ill. How effective is a prayer for that person if we are begging a far off, judgemental, moody God for this favor and wondering, if it’s His will, if our prayer will be answered. Maybe if He’s in an exceptionally good mood that day, and if we bargain enough and say we will do such and such if our request is granted, maybe He will listen. Is this really believing the person will be healed and our prayer answered, or are we hoping that some miracle might just happen if we’re really lucky? Do we pray thinking “I’ve been such a sinner and bad person that my prayer will never be answered” whether we are praying for others or ourselves? Do we think ourselves unworthy of having prayers answered, or do we pray knowing already that our prayer is in vain? Is this what Jesus taught? Did Jesus teach that our prayers will have a better chance of being answered if we’ve given money to the church or followed the Catechism better than the next person, or only if we are in a certain state of grace? Is this the kind of God you want to believe in and rely on? Not me. No.

Try this: When praying for a physical healing for someone see that person as already healed. When praying for someone’s protection see a circle of Divine light surrounding that person. When praying for someone’s behavior to be better, or for someone to overcome a bad habit, see that person as they would be after they’ve been healed of whatever problem. When praying for anything for anyone, see the person and whatever you are praying for as if it has already happened. Have no doubt whatsoever that your prayer is answered.

The same applies, of course, when we ask for ourselves. The key here is that our prayer not be selfish. For instance, if we are praying for money or wealth, we pray with the intention that others, as well as ourselves, will benefit. Again, we see ourselves as already having whatever it is we are praying for. This is following the teaching of the greatest teacher about God who ever lived, Jesus. He could not have said it any clearer, and he said it multiple times. Whatever you believe, it will be done unto you. This applies to specific prayer requests but it also applies to how we think all through the day every day. If we are constantly dwelling on our problems we will continue to have problems. If we constantly think about being well and happy we will be well and happy. If we think thoughts of wealth we will have wealth. This is a fundamental law of the Universe. It applies to the person in New York the same as it does the person in Madrid. It applies to the Christian the same as it applies to the Buddhist. God does not discriminate.

Whether praying for someone else, yourself, or whatever, always send out “good vibrations.” Wish good things for people, think good thoughts. Send out thoughts of peace and love and harmony. See prayers and wishes as already being fulfilled, and make sure your requests are non selfish and for the greater good of all involved. Do this consistently and you will learn that “according to your faith it is done.”

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